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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday April 3, 2020

Happy Friday, Cowes!

We’re trying to find daily silver linings and we hope you are too. We will get through this together, in the meantime stay #InTheKnow with everything from nail kits to attempt dip at home, ten podcasts that will teleport your brain to an alternate universe, bubble bath to try now, to waffles at home and a laptop stand to relieve neck stress.

  1. Dr. Teals coconut oil bubble bath formula with pure epsom salt #fanfavourite.
  2. Waffles to make and indulge in this weekend.
  3. Aimee Song’s PJ faves to make quarantine at home feel a little more elevated.
  4. Reasonable and “easy” kits to do dip at home, these nails have definitely seen better days.
  5. Tik Tok dances to master while in quarantine.
  6. How to make your own mask and join the collective effort.
  7. Ten podcasts to teleport your brain elsewhere.
  8. Joe Biden calls for Democratic Convention to be delayed because of Coronavirus.
  9. Almond butter chocolate chip cookies to satisfy your cravings.
  10. Iconic photos of celebrities with dogs to make you smile.
  11. How the beauty industry is being affected by COVID-19.
  12. A YouTube follow along vid- ten minute abs with Chloe Ting, trust us when we say you will #FeelTheBurn.
  13. Thick metal straws to order now as we spend all this time at home with our numerous bevys.
  14. Self-care for social distancing based on your zodiac sign- thanks to Nadine Jane Astrology.
  15. Vegan banana bread to perfect in quarantine.
  16. Give your neck a break with this laptop stand.


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