How Incorporating Pilates Has Transformed Our Body + Mind

photo: @shannonnadj.

At The Cowe, we’re always looking to find the silver lining in all things. Week five of quarantine, coming in hot! One thing that we’ve tried to adopt is a more routine Pilates schedule. Prior to quarantine, we have always been more of HIIT and strength gyals, with a few 5k’s thrown in there. So, taking this time to really take our time while exercising in our living rooms has definitely been a change of pace that we’re learning to appreciate.

Melissa Wood Health has a beautiful way of teaching flow, breathing and correct form. To catch a glimpse of her style, you can visit her YouTube channel where she’s uploaded a variety of videos from guided meditation to ten minute full body + ab flow. Her full program is available for $9.99/month, where you can access all of Melissa’s guided workouts and she updates what’s available at the start of each week, with a new workout upload every Monday. We’ve even tuned into a few of her IG Live’s and her energy is genuinely so calming, it’s the perfect way to end or start each day, especially during these times of anxiety and uncertainty.

We also love our OG, Shannon Nadj. Shannon is the founder of Hot Pilates, where she leads with her Get Hot method in both of her LA based studios. Shannon’s YouTube channel is the perfect opportunity to try Pilates at home, her voice is so soothing and she is diligent on reminding viewers to be mindful of their form and to breathe.

Another Pilates instructor that we’ve heard wonderful things about is Amanda Kassar, founder of Pilates by Amanda, a private run studio in LA. For the first time ever she is “opening the doors of her private Los Angeles studio” to access her classes online where you can follow along with her “at home series”. Marianna Hewitt has definitely raved about her on the gram, so would be curious to give everyone a try this quarantine, as we introduce Pilates into our new routine.

Pilates has surprised all of us in how the power of small, body weight movements can sometimes feel more strenuous and provide more effective results than lifting heavy weights. Your body will surprise you, we promise! The most fulfilling part of this process has to be feeling your strength build week by week which is 100% more motivating in locking down a consistent routine. Find your style and your pace (we started with only 10 minutes a day), if you want a higher intensity workout, sometimes it’s nice to warm up with one of these lovely ladies flows to wake your muscles up.

Pilates for us has not only made us feel muscles we didn’t know existed, but it also clears our mind and inspires overall calmness- Lord knows we need it now more than ever! Tag us here if you try any sort of Pilates at home!

Remember, there’s no need to rush, use that time on your mat to reflect, breathe and listen to your body.


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