Easiest Roast Chicken Recipe

Roasting chicken can be a fancy affair. You can stuff it, fill the skin with tabs of butter and herbs or press it with a brick, but since this COVID situation isn’t letting up and you (like me) are cooking WAY more than usual, sometimes simple is exactly where it’s at. This roast chicken recipe is EASY. And not easy in a ‘I’m a chef and making pasta from scratch is easy’ but more like, ‘I have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen, HELP’ kind of easy. Today I need easy!

With just a few ingredients and a pre-heated cast iron, your family with be nicknaming you Martha in no time.


  • 1 whole chicken – everything inside removed
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • rosemary and half a lemon (optional)


  • heat your oven to 500 degrees with your cast iron pan inside the oven on the lowest rack to heat it up
  • while it’s heating up rub your chicken all over with olive oil
  • generously season all over with salt and pepper
  • if you have, throw half a lemon and some rosemary into the cavity of the chicken (if not don’t worry)
  • once your oven is ready, place chicken on the hot skillet and leave for 15 mins
  • after 15 minutes is up turn the heat down to 350 and let it cook for around 1 hour until it’s looking beautiful and golden or until the internal temperature of the thigh is 155-165

And you’re done! It goes nicely with roasted veggies if you’re up for it.





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