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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday April 17, 2020

Happy Friyay, Cowes!

Another day, another hobby to decide on…

Some distractions to take your brain elsewhere, read on for everything from at home tie-dye kits, helpful words from wise people, to our favourite podcast episode of the week, a four ingredient roast chicken and new music to explore this weekend.

  1. 10 tie-dye kits to start creating your own masterpieces at home.
  2. The most famous teens on Tik Tok just broke up… yes, we totally have time to care.
  3. How to level up your at home spa experience because sis, you deserve it!
  4. Coco’s easy at home roast chicken recipe.
  5. What products to save on at this year Sephora’s annual Spring sale online.
  6. Helpful words from wise people- yes, please!
  7. Cardi B and Bernie Sanders IG Live is everything.
  8. Tell us you remember Billy McFarland… he is trying to scheme his way out of prison due to COVID-19, of course.
  9. Inside Kanye West’s vision for le future, thank you GQ.
  10. Sculpted Pilates low impact ab routine w/ Shannon Nadj.
  11. Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal podcast episode with Jay Shetty is everything you need to hear, now.
  12. “Virgil Abloh, Stephanie Phair, and Remo Ruffini Imagine a New Future of E-Commerce” – Vogue
  13. Chrissy Teigen’s dill pickle potato salad recipe has us longing for Summer picnics.
  14. Dvsn’s new album, A Muse in Her Feelings, is officially out NOW. Listen here. 

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