Using Philanthropy to Pivot Your Biz From Fear to Opportunity

Follow along every Friday for the next six weeks as Raman Sekhon shares six ways to help pivot your business from fear to opportunity during a global pandemic. This week she shares how using philanthropy will benefit you and your biz as you navigate this path of uncertainty.

Take it away, Raman!

As we receive daily updates of the challenges members of our community are facing, being quarantined, has eliminated hands-on in-person support as an option altogether. 

The number of communities around the world requiring assistance at the moment is unprecedented. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve witnessed brands pivot to quickly support the needs of the current climate, including those that were once in competition, shift to collaboration. 

Currently, customers are in the mindset of purchasing day-to-day necessities leaving little reason to spend on frivolous items. However, brands that are directly helping impact the current state of the world, will gain support. 

No matter your business model, customers can and truly want to participate in charitable contributions via online purchases. Right now is the time to gain inspiration from business models such as, Thrive Causemetics and TOMS Shoes, where proceeds from sales directly support non-profit organizations raising funds for COVID relief. 

Remember, sales may have slowed down, but your brand still needs to be active in the marketplace. 

The best way to ask for a purchase, during this time, is to keep in mind customers are hypersensitive at the moment, as a brand, show up for them by leveraging your business by inspiring your followers and true loyal fans.


Start here to research non-profit organizations you feel passionate about.   

See list of other beauty brands and the causes they are donating to here.  

How to Structure Fundraising Efforts:  

Step 1: Choose length of campaign (I recommend between 30 to 60 days). 

Step 2: Choose your campaign structure as outlined below.  

  • Monetary donation: Offer to donate a percent or dollar value of each sale during chosen period.  
  • Buy One, Give One: If your brand offers a personal care or daily essential product in dire need, such as hand-sanitizer, donate a full-sized product for every sale received through online orders.  

 Philanthropy Campaign Checklist:  

  • Update website homepage banner to showcase initiative with beautiful graphics. 
  • Use templates from Canva or Over app if resources are limited
  • Create multiple Instagram Story’s and Instagram grid content.  
  • Design an email campaign to send to your email subscribers at the frequency of two emails per week. 
  • Host Instagram Live segments creating awareness around charitable efforts while educating followers on your brand philosophy and best-selling products.  
  • Repurpose content from this campaign to post to other social platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook to draw in more traffic. 
  • Ask your VIP customers to help spread the word to their friends and family by helping with the cause while building your referral program + email list. 

Philanthropy in Action:

“When COVID hit, I could see and feel the helplessness. It felt like there was nothing our team could do while so many sacrificed. Then Raman suggested a “1 for 1” campaign giving back to frontline workers. The shift from helpless to empowered happened almost immediately. The campaign has been great for the community and our bottom lines. A true win – win. Thank you. 🙏 ”

                             – Steve Ballantyne, Founder and CEO, Station Cold Brew Coffee Co.




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