The Five-Minute Journal


Especially during this time, we are trying to find ways to express gratitude and reflect on who we are and essentially how we can be better. The five-minute journal is the perfect way to take that first step in the right direction. It’s simply 5 minutes in the AM and PM to set intentions, express gratitude and identify your priorities.

This is what it what a day looks like: 

Make it the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before heading to bed. You will evaluate and reflect in ways you never expected, the simplicity of appreciating what you have and reflecting on how you can make each day better is magical. This tool is honestly super inspiring and the prompts created genuinely allow you to set up each day for success. We get so caught up that sometimes it’s hard to focus on all that is right in front of us, what’s truly important to us and how we can learn and grow each day. It’s time to set aside 10 minutes of your entire day to focus, reflect, appreciate and learn!

There’s also a really helpful video from the two founders who chat you through how to go about making your 5-minute journal work for you!

We’re only at the beginning of our journaling journey, but totally worth it to start now, you can order the journal here. Let us know if you end up ordering the five-minute journal and how you enjoy it, by tagging us here!


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