Using Instagram Live to Pivot Your Biz from Fear to Opportunity

Cue tactic two, Raman! Cowes, if you missed tactic one, click here to learn how to make serious shifts to better your business during this time.

There is no better platform best designed to help you tap into your community in a more powerful way than Instagram Live. All brands with an Instagram account have the attention of a captive audience at their fingertips, literally, on all devices. 

During quarantine, Instagram Live’s have been the cornerstone for collaborations while entertaining communities of followers. There has never been a better time for creatives and content creators to incorporate video to help deepen the emotional connection with their customers.  

How many of you have come across @dnice’s, Club Quarantine, @jayshetty’s, 20 Day Live Meditation Challenge or even @bof’s BOF Live daily segments? Drawing in tens of thousands of viewers, almost two months into quarantine, not only are we looking forward to these segments, I predict, Instagram Live’s will likely be essential to include as part of your brand’s marketing plan.

Brand loyalty is built when you leverage your community to sell WITH people, not TO people. What I mean by this is, new customers especially, look for social proof to influence their purchase decisions. There simply is no better and more cost-effective way to get the attention of new potential followers right now, than Instagram Live. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on where to start, here some suggestions: 

  • Choose a day of the week and start posting Instagram Live segments to share your brand philosophy, ethos and what inspires you most. Now is your brand’s time to shine! 
  • Ask yourself: What is your big why? Is your brand a champion of inclusivity or sustainability? Create a list of your brand’s exact points of difference then create content to share all the ways this message will resonate with your audience through Instagram Live segments.  

Pro tip: think of Instagram Live as a mini television show for your brand. Have fun with this one! For instructions on how to record Instagram Live, click here.  

How to prepare IG Live segments in 2 super easy steps:  

Step 1: Create a segment name that’s easy for your followers to remember.   

For example, Beauty in Action Live with Sarah.   

Step 2: Determine the topics you want to cover that relate to your business genre and create a list of 10 video topics to start.  If you plan to include guest appearances, include those too, in the planning process. 

Here are 10 example topics, ‘Beauty in Action Live with Sarah’ may use to create content:  

  1. Host a virtual pajama and mask party while answering a live Q&A with answers gathered one day prior. 
  2. Invite your favorite influencer to share their wellness tips during quarantine  
  3. Share your personal self-care tips during quarantine 
  4. Host a live 20-minute meditation  
  5. Educate your audience on your brand philosophies 
  6. Host a live Masterclass covering daytime or nighttime skincare routines (teach something) 
  7. Invite your favorite makeup artist to share their best secrets and tips 
  8. Host a Live GRWM (Get Ready With Me) segment; walk viewers through a routine step-by-step 
  9. Sunday facial – share all the products you are currently obsessed with
  10. Five products for a five-minute face before your next video conference call  


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