Five Podcast Episodes to Listen to Now

Hello, week seven!

We have been listening to many more podcast episodes these days, is it just us, or? See five interesting episodes below that deserve to be highlighted, so we think! Let us know here if you listen to any of the below, or if you have any suggestions for our team.

“Pretty Big Deal”: Jay Shetty
Jay is really starting to become part of our routine, between his own podcast, On Purpose, and meditation videos which you should totally check out if you have yet to do so. But, we’re here to talk about his conversation with his conversation with Ashley Graham, as he takes us way back to finding his purpose to do what he does today. Uplifting and a wonderful way to start your morning, if we do say ourselves.

“The Skinny Confidential”: The Branding Whisperer Shaun Neff on How to Build a Brand, Avoid Branding Mistakes, and Launch a New Brand
Shaun Neff is a pretty cool dude and you won’t believe how he started. Lacking inspo with your current brand, or thinking of creating something new, listen to this episode and feel an instant lightbulb go off in that beautiful brain of yours.

“U Up?”: What Do You Do When You’re Fed Up With Quarantine Dating?
HA! The title says it all. J + J are too funny as they go back and forth on the drastic differences between female and male perspectives. A light hearted listen and you might just learn something, or at least understand another perspective. Powered by @betches Media, so you know it’s quality.

“Pretty Big Deal”: Scooter Braun
Pretty Big Deal is definitely a #CoweFavourite, Ashley really lives up to the name by having conversations with some really cool people of interest. Pilar is a serious Scooter fan, obviously derived from managing Bieber back in the day but beyond that he has played a significant role in the music industry and this episode served a real grounding, down to earth perspective from Scooter himself, as he talks family, quality time and a little bit about the business of being in business.

“Kwik Brain”: Activating Learning Mindset with Simon Sinek
A nineteen minute gem of a listen where you feel instant eagerness to learn more and maximize your productivity, by making your brain work for you.

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