Using Collaboration to Pivot Your Biz From Fear to Opportunity

Cue tactic three, Raman! Cowes, if you missed tactic two, click here to learn how to make serious shifts to better your business during this time.

Every brand founder I have ever worked with or known has shared their dream list of collaborations they would love to be in partnership with. As an entrepreneur, you know the list I’m referring to. This is your ultimate wish list: retail collaborations, exclusive collections, dream featured guests, etc.

Wherever you have that list tucked away, now is the time to make those connections happen!  

  • Is there a podcast you’ve dreamed of being a guest on? 
  • Is there a panel you feel your insights would bring tremendous value to? 
  • Do you have a brilliant idea for a topic you hope your favourite editor would write that may inspire fellow readers?  
  • How about that influencer you feel is the perfect voice and embodiment of your brand, who you hope will review your product?  
  • Have you ever thought about creating a limited-edition product in collaboration with another brand?  

Now is the time to connect with them via authentic email or direct message!

It’s important to remember, all forms of media outlets, including television, still require entertaining and compelling stories to share with their audience during a pandemic. Every platform is trying to figure out how to deliver engaging content to its viewers. 

If you’re shy to reach out directly, ask a common friend or colleague to do a soft introduction – it works. 

For those who don’t have a connection to rely on, to help you get started on your outreach, use the email template below as a guide to craft your own message. 

Pro Tip: Always offer what you’re willing to do for the collaboration before asking for anything in return.

Subject: [Collaboration or Story idea] [with or for] [Collaborator name]  

Example: Story idea for Breaking Beauty Podcast 

Hi [Name]! 

I recently listened to your podcast episode xx and thought you may be interested in a story idea for, Breaking Beauty Podcast. Your last episode featuring [insert guest name] about [insert what podcast was about] truly inspired me. In fact, [share how you felt inspired]. My name is, [insert your first and last name], founder of, [insert brand name]. I wanted to share an idea with you I think your audience will love!   

[Insert your idea].  

For example: As a devoted listener of your podcast, I know you have great admiration for powerful ingredients and how they have helped you master your own skincare routine. As a brand founder, my community, too, often asks me to share my creative process when I dream up new product formulations. Recently, I’ve gotten my hands on a powerful plant-based alternative to Retinol, I think you will be very interested in discovering! I would love to share the process in how I’m using it in our new product formulation exclusively with you and your listeners! It would be my pleasure to reveal more in-depth details with you. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.  

Thank you!  

[Your name] 

I hope this helps!




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