In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday May 8, 2020

Stay #InTheKnow with everything from today’s tie-dye drop, ways to calm your brain down before bed, Supergoop’s long-awaited launch, to last-minute gifts for Mom this Sunday and a magical reminder for each and every one of you reading this post!

  1. Adele has risen, to praise coronavirus heroes on her birthday, “truly our angels” she says!
  2. Transforming lip scrubs to level up your skincare routine.
  3. How to cut your own hair… yes, we’re going there!
  4. Meet Benito Skinner, aka @bennydrama, one of our favourite humans on the internet.
  5. Currently dreaming of this
  6. Marianna Hewitt’s low low on creating content from home.
  7. After fifteen years of waiting, Supergoop has officially launched in Canada!
  8. Eight last minute gifts to spoil Mom this Mother’s Day.
  9. The ultimate snack board guide.
  10. Embrace the sweatpants: your weekend horoscope here. 
  11. Nine things to calm your mind before bed.
  12. Today’s tie-dye release + we need it now.  Shoutout @SummerFridays!
  13. Hollywood may bend history into something I would have rathered be the truth, but it’s beautiful and makes you happy and is exactly what we need a little more of these days.
  14. We loved reading “Becoming” and we can’t wait to watch this!
  15. Why did it take so long for Georgia to seek justice?
  16. Remember,



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