Using Creative Content to Pivot Your Biz From Fear to Opportunity

Cue tactic four, Raman! Cowes, if you missed Raman’s previous tactics to pivot your biz from fear to opportunity, click here.

Over the last couple of months, content has shifted quickly from product-centric focus to inspiring followers with uplifting wellness and self-care strategies. Some brands nailed it, others, well, it was apparent there were some misalignments. Nonetheless, majority brands are trying and it’s in action where the magic will reveal itself. 

When people are their most vulnerable, the way to connect with them is through authenticity. For those brands that built products and services with loyal online communities, for the most part, they continued to do more of the same with a higher frequency. 

Back in March when brands were scrambling to pivot their social strategies to be more sensitive to reflect a time of uncertainty, Tamara Mellon, a direct-to-consumer footwear brand, reached out to their Instagram followers to ask their followers what type of content they would like the brand to post more of in the time of COVID. 

The Instagram post read: We are well aware that shoes aren’t top-of-mind for most right now, but we hope that photos of beautiful things provide a momentary escape from this incredibly difficult time. Drop us a line on what you’d like to see more (or less of) below xx, TM team. IG @TamaraMellon  

I share this example because it is absolutely OK for brands, of all sizes, to be authentic and vulnerable during this moment in time.  

Keeping sensitivity top of mind, brands should be creating content at rocket speed… without stress!  The best way to do this is to allow your social followers to tell you what they want to watch, read and hear from you. Then, create accordingly. 

When unexpected situations spontaneously force you to shift and adapt, it’s truly okay not to know all the answers. But remember, there is also no better time than right now to be the source of inspiration your community needs. Lean on your followers, they will respond. 

To help get you started on content, below is a list of ideas for wellness and self-care content. Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t, and feel free to adapt where needed. 🙂  

Wellness and Self-Care Content Ideas Checklist:  

  • Share your favourite books + 3 to 5 reasons why they impacted you. Then, ask your followers a question based on one of the points you shared.
  • Create a quarantine playlist. Music heals. Ask your followers to share some of their favourite songs and create a playlist with a spin on your brand’s voice. 
  • Create a Live Q&A with questions gathered during the week with your favourite guest.
  • Share your company’s big historic milestones on IG stories in multi-slides (for example: 1 slide per milestone) – take your customers down memory lane.
  • Share uplifting relatable and positive quotes but make them relatable to your brand’s ethos while inspiring your followers to stay positive.
  • Create a list of all your favourite free workouts taking place on Instagram Live’s  
  • Share reviews your customers have left about how your products have personally made their lives better. Have good relationships with some of them? Bring them onto a live segment (once vetted) and let them share their positive experience as a customer.
  • Share your favourite healthy wellness recipes
  • Share how you’re connecting differently and how this has shifted the way you will do business moving forward. 
  • Post behind the scenes images of how you and your team are working remotely.  
  • Share the best secrets and tips you know on any given topic.
  • Show your followers how to make DIY beauty products with common ingredients on-hand (attention skincare brand founders: this is a low hanging fruit, please share more of this!). And, yes, this is absolutely perfect content to share even if your brand has a best-selling mask. 

This list is just the tip of the iceberg for possibilities. As a brand founder, you never know what you will uncover once you start bringing some walls down and position your brand as a source of inspiration as well as discovery for your customers! The next idea or step for your business may just reveal itself. Trust the process. 




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