In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday May 15, 2020

*brb, transporting ourselves to this moment for the long weekend*

Happy Friday, Cowes! We hope you are continuing to stay safe and feel well. Remember, one day at a time!

Stay #InTheKnow with everything from, determining who is in your bubble, home decor gems from Etsy, how to banish your sttubborn acne scars, to your weekend horoscope and one of our favourite IG accounts to follow for #fitspo.

  1. We’re so interested in how people do what they do when they’re doing what they do.
  2. We miss the Obama’s but listening to them read a book made both Coco and Harlowe smile.
  3. Who’s in your bubble?
  4. Has anyone popped out of the woodwork for you yet? Do tell.
  5. Your crazy quarantine dreams explained in the most hilarious way possible.
  6. When will schools reopen tho?
  7. It’s official… Mary-Kate Olson has filed for divorce <3, details here.
  8. Home decor gems on Etsy.
  9. “Put down the credit card” and more, explore your weekend horoscope now.
  10. Kanye West’s former bodyguard just spilled so much tea. You must read, now.
  11. One step closer to helping banish your stubborn acne scars.
  12. Chrissy’s 10 ingredient spicy miso pasta recipe to try this weekend.
  13. We have been loving Lauren Gores’s daily exercises that she has been sharing on her story, they’re quick and effective!
  14. Flat belly foods.
  15. Make a digital mood board this weekend, Pinterest is one of our favourite tools to find inspo and dreamy #views.

Be safe + enjoy your long weekend, Cowes!


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