It’s Time to Start Setting Intentions

Cue #HumpDayTreat, Cowes!

The power of your mindset and perspective is seriously everything. Mind over matter is a real thing, at least we think so!

Over the long weekend, we each had some #MeTime and set some serious intentions, from weekly to annually, to our five-year plan. Yes, we went there!

We want to share three tips to inspire your thought process when setting intentions.

Think about what it is that you really want

Dreams stay dreams when you don’t have a plan. We know it’s kind of crazy to think about the future, especially during these times, but it’s also so important to create a little work back plan for yourself. It doesn’t need to be twenty pages long but it’s crucial to write these things down (a key part of manifestation). Not only do we encourage you to think about what you want but why you want it. There needs to be a stronger purpose that lives behind your goals and dreams in order to transform it into an achievable plan.

Set a timeline

Timing is everything. We can talk the talk all we want but without a deadline, there is no fire behind you to get sh!t done. Mark dates in your planner or GCal to remind yourself when certain milestones and moments should be getting checked off your “list” aka steps to living your dream life.

Repetition and manifestation     

Having a journal by your bedside table, we love the 5-minute journal, is a perfect way to remind yourself of your daily affirmations. Writing shit down helps guide your path to getting what you really want. We didn’t say because you write it down once, it will magically happen, but it’s a step in the right direction! Your brain recognizes things differently when it’s written down. Have your intentions be the first thing you read and reflect on when you wake up and the last thing you read and reflect before your head hits the pillow! Trust us when we say, it helps. You deserve to go after what you want and even better, to be one step closer to getting it!

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