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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday May 29, 2020

Stay #InTheKnow with everything from your next read, what to do about your non-existent sex drive, more summer loungewear, to drool worthy shrimp rolls, why Hailey Bieber is suing, and Friday energy to embrace.

  1. Our summer reading list is probably one of our priorities, all things considered! The Vanishing Half looks like it could be our next read.
  2. I know it’s basically sacrilege, but I love me some pizza with dipping sauce and THIS looks incredible!
  3. Karen is back at it again!
  4. What happened to my sex drive? #RIP
  5. The five most unrealistic things about¬† ‘Outer Banks’. However, we still engaged and enjoyed.
  6. More pasta inspo, because carbs bring us #MoreLife.
  7. The summer loungewear edit.
  8. A drool worthy shrimp rolls recipe to try this weekend.
  9. Why is Hailey Bieber threatening to sue a plastic surgeon?” It all started on Tik Tok…
  10. Adding Frankie’s Bikinis to our swimsuit edit rn. Kylie Jenner said so…
  11. Vodka Watermelon Slushies #CoolForTheSummer.
  12. Listen to Alexandra Cooper crush ‘The Funeral’ podcast episode as she hits the mic solo for the first time since Call Her Daddy launched.
  13. Lean, mean wallets to gift your man.
  14. More sh!t to add to your Amazon cart asap.
  15. Woke up with this energy:



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