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We Started A Podcast!

Cue, Conversations With Coco + Friends.

Cowes! We are so damn excited to have finally launched what started out as “Overheard in Coco’s Kitchen” to Season One of an unofficially official podcast.

Essentially, Cleo, P(ilar) and I were having conversations that almost seemed too interesting to not record and share with all of you. So, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We did a basic Google search, followed by a hefty Amazon order and then BAM! We started recording in Harlowe’s playroom and 18 months later found ourselves recording in Los Angeles.

Take in, we have had the episodes in Season One of Conversations With Coco + Friends for over one year and are just blessing you with them now because #quarantine, which also explains some of the out of date references. All in all, we had some quality conversations, if we do say so ourselves, with our Toronto friends and we thought why not share them now as we navigate our “new normal”.

Join me. Cleo and Pilar as we dish, laugh, learn, and most importantly, have a good time. This Friday at 12 pm, we will be kicking off Season One with special guest, Deborah Belcourt who will dive into Episode One: Making the Move from Corporate to Being Your Own Boss. If you are curious about making the leap from corporate to freelancer this one is for you! Join us via Instagram Live on Friday, June 12th at 12 pm EST for a seriously inspiring and real convo.

We will be releasing one episode, every Wednesday over the next month. Conversations With Coco + Friends is available everywhere. 

For easy access: Apple listeners, click here, Spotify listeners, click here, and for every other platform click here.

RATE IT, ladies and gents!

We can’t wait for you to listen, Cowes! Tag @cocoandcowe with your thoughts as you listen to Conversations With Coco + Friends every week, meeting each special guest through our eyes.




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