There’s A Lot More Where That Came From: CWC + Friends


We missed you last week. Happy #HumpDay- we are so excited to have released our first season of Conversations With Coco + Friends. Let us tell you, there is more where that came from- hence the title!

It was a short but mighty season of Conversations With Coco + Friends. Over a year in the making and we finally hit publish just over a month ago. You all have been so incredibly supportive and we are so grateful that you have embraced our newest venture! As we prepare to launch Season Two in a few weeks, I just wanted to give you a quick recap of what we’ve been gabbing about over on CWC + Friends.


Episode One: Making The Move From Corporate to Being Your Own Boss with Deb Belcourt

In our inaugural episode, we pulled out the big guns. And by big guns we mean one of the most successful and connected PR professionals in Canada, Deb Belcourt. Having worked in-house running accounts for everyone from Rexall to Laurent Perrier to being Vice President of Communications of Canwest Broadcasting, to then making the decision to take her life back and run things on her own terms by going Freelance, Deb is an expert and has knowledge for days.

Our goal for CWC + Friends will continue to focus on keeping it real and raw and to give you, the listeners, actual takeaways and learnings with every episode and from your response, you all loved Deb’s no bullshit attitude so much that we might even bring her back for a part two!

Episode Two: Fat Phobia, Fashion and “Inclusivity” with Roxy Earle

Our favourite body positivity advocate and former RHOTO, Roxy Earle gave us all an injection of self-love and confidence when we sat down with her to dish on fat phobia and what it’s really like to start an “inclusive” clothing line. We went OFF on filters and Facetune and just generally had a great time laughing with the ray of sunshine that is Roxy.

Episode Three: The Business of Being in Business with my Biz Partner Halla Rafati

From divorce to turning a profit in year one, Halla and I have been through it all in business and our personal lives. On this episode, we chatted candidly about how our first four years of being in business together have really been. Should you go into business with your friends? What is the hardest part about being owners of a small business? We cover it all. If you’re thinking about going out on your own, this is the episode for you!

Episode Four: Dieting: Eternal Fake News with Lindsey Bethke

Lindsey isn’t your average nutritionist. Not only is she the realest of the real, but she is also out to change the way the world looks at health and dieting one busy working woman at a time. We could talk with Lindsey all day long and we know you will enjoy debunking fad diet myths and learning how to love yourself and your relationship food on this episode.

If you haven’t listened, we would love you to! If you like what you’re hearing, don’t be shy, #RateIt, leave us a comment, subscribe and share. It really makes a difference! Annnd stay tuned! We will be back in a few weeks with Season 2 which we recorded in sunny LA before the world went to hell in a handbasket (AKA COVID).

Leave a comment below on your favourite episode from Season One and why! What do you want to hear more of? Who do you want us to sit down and chat with? Drop me a line on the gram, here! 

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