When You Realize 2021 is 5 Months Away

Honestly… M O O D.

We’re using this post as a positive pick you up to get your life in order as our year approaches #2021. Tbh, something’s gotta give, therefore 2021 will indeed be our year (manifesting that shit). It’s time to stop blaming your misery on the Q- let’s get back to fulfilling our vision boards.

Scroll on for three tips to get your shit (back) together.

Vision Boarding Pt. 2

We weren’t kidding. Revisit your 2020 vision board and edit that thing to reflect what we’re striving for over these next five months as we navigate this “new normal”. We love collecting a variety of images, key words, quotes and photos of people we look up to and collaging them. We love Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Use keywords as you search tags and spend some time exploring accounts with uplifting content. Two of our favourites rn are, @themayfairgroup and @wetheurban. Explore what you like and use these powerful words and images you compile to help manifest your future and the goals you want to achieve. Find more things that you want to incorporate into your life.

Healthy Habits

Back to basics, Cowes! Nourish your body with the right “things” (fruit, vegetables, protein, healthy fats, etc.). Drink A LOT more water. Sleep more. These have always been and will always be the core elements of one’s physical well-being and just having more energy. It’s not rocket science but we’ve all learned the more we tend and care to these qualities and ways of life, the better we feel. Trust us, we know all of the above is easier said than done but hey! Everything in moderation.

Less Screen, More Reads

We know that your average weekly screen report has skyrocketed #relatable. It’s time to dive into a juicy read and rest your eyes from all the screens in your life. Coco’s favourite read this Summer is Sex and Vanity, same author as Crazy Rich Asians- we definitely recommend to a friend. Annnd discover a quality Summer reading list here.

Share with us the ways that you are bettering yourself, in advance of our year! #2021 please do not disappoint LOL.



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