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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday July 31, 2020

TGIF, Cowes!

Happy August and hello, phase three (we’re located in Toronto). We have a lot to be thankful for today- aka us getting excited to be one step closer to finding our “new normal” lol.

Stay #InTheKnow with everything from budgeting 101, beachy Summer tote bags, to starting over in your 20’s, Beyoncé’s unannounced DROP and tips to avoid disrupting your sleep schedule when napping mid-day. Because let’s be real, it’s the long weekend and naps are in order.

  1. A look inside Kendall Jenner’s home– we didn’t know what we expected but this is not it, still cool tho.
  2. Someone enlighten us on the backlash going on with the ‘Challenge Accepted’ social initiative.
  3. Back to basics: get your finances in order with this short & sweet lesson on budgeting 101.
  4. French mani trends that will give you instant swag.
  5. Everything you want to know about Fenty Skin. Trust us, we’re still waiting on the album too.
  6. A cheat sheet for living your best life. Where do we sign up? 
  7. Summer beauty product lineup #goals from Marianna Hewitt.
  8. 7 tips for taking a nap that won’t disrupt your typical sleep schedule- long weekend feels.
  9. Billie Eilish releases new track, “my future”. Listen here, now!
  10. Summer tote bag edit as we spend every last day possible poolside.
  11. Beyoncé strikes again and we can’t wait to watch “Black Is King” tonight.
  12. How to start over in your 20’s. There’s no time like the present for a new beginning.
  13. Deli salad with tortellini to level up your Saturday picnic potluck. Ty @chrissyteigen.
  14. WHY we’re attracted to the people we’re attracted to. #hot


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