Conversations With Coco + Friends: Hello, Season Two

What a bumpy ride it has been, Cowes! Yes, we are referring to 2020 lol.

Well now that we’ve stated the obvious, all Cleo, Pilar and I are focusing on is manifesting that Season Two of Conversations With Coco + Friends sheds some serious light in your life.

Cleo, Pilar and I had talked about recording in LA for over a year, it almost seemed like a dream too good to be true until it actually happened. We’re like damn, we really did that. If this is your first time coming across CWC + Friends, you should most definitely listen to Season One, recorded in my home office with neighbouring people of influence. Toronto will forever be HQ but we can’t wait to share where we will be recording next. In the meantime, explore our pod journey here– you will not regret it.

Now, we can not wait for you to join our Season Two ride! We are so damn excited about our guest lineup and we have a feeling you will be too. From conversations with one of the most influential sex therapists in LA, to deeper insight from one of the best in the game on how to live your best life (yes, please!), and conversations you don’t want to miss about the power behind fuelling your mind and body. Don’t you worry, serial entrepreneurship continues to be a key player in all of our conversations with our special lineup of guests.

Today, we launch Season Two with an episode that was supposed to be recorded with a fertility expert who bailed 10-minutes before our recording session (sounds like a very 2020 experience). Instead, we did not sleep on that studio booking, Cleo, Pilar and I had a raw, real conversation about my journey of trying to get pregnant, the miscarriages I experienced and the lack of obvious information out there for women of all ages about the female body and fertility. It’s kind of a funny thing how as soon as one person comes forward with the struggles behind any experience for that matter, in this case, it was getting pregnant, other women feel more confident to be honest and open about the same struggles. That’s one of the many reasons we started this podcast, to open the door to have those uncomfortable conversations and motivate women to encourage the people around them to do the same.

Look out for weekly uploads on Wednesdays and a few bonus episodes that we can’t wait for you to immerse yourself in. Now, go tell your friends about it! Don’t forget to rate us on Apple and follow Conversations With Coco + Friends on Spotify.

We love and appreciate each and every one of you!




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