Overwhelmed? Anxious? Sleepy? Read On!

I don’t know about you, but most of COVID I’ve found myself stressed. Stressed, but a new kind of stress. Not the kind I’ve been used to, the kind I’ve learned to thrive under (deadlines, getting permits for a huge event days before, overflowing toilets with 50 people waiting) but rather stress from having to be so many things all at the same time. COVID has made me a full time teacher while being a full time business owner, having to step into jobs I haven’t in the past because of less staff and more demand from clients. It’s been a whole lot, and having spoken to many of you online in the DM’s I know you are feeling pretty similar.

Overwhelmed. Anxious. SO DAMN SLEEPY!

With gyms only now starting to open (what was my first place of refuge when I was overwhelmed) I’ve had to find new things to help me deal with all of these feels. Here are a few of the things I’ve been trying out:

  1. Walks: Every morning instead of rushing straight to my phone, my daughter, fiancé and I lace up our sneaks and head on a 4-5k walk. What started out of a need to get moving has actually turned into one of our favourite moments of the day. We use this as a way to connect, a way to not let the world takeover before we’ve set ourselves up for success and a way to get a good dose of vitamin D. Research says vitamin D is so key for not only bone health – absorption of calcium and phosphorus – but also great for your immune system AND mood.
  2. Meal Prep: Even though we’re at home, I found myself not eating as healthy as I was when I had to be in the office every day. I find the structure of office VS home helped me plan what I was eating day to day and because COVID and its unforeseeable end, I got lazy. I started eating food for comfort and happiness rather than for sustenance. Over the last month Jimmy and I have gone back to our pre-COVID ways and have been taking turns preparing meals for the week on Sundays. This way we’re prepared and are filling ourselves up with healthy, nutrient-dense foods that keep our moods steady and help alleviate added stresses.
  3. Sleep: when the pandemic first started I couldn’t sleep. My regular tricks weren’t working and I found myself up and bingeing all of the Netflix every, damn, night. Since then I’ve been playing with natural sleep aids and have fallen for Sleep⁸  by New Roots which has not only my fave melatonin, but also Gaba to chill out my brain activity and magnesium to support your nervous system function. Sleep⁸ is the perfect combination natural sleep aids that are non-addictive and have been tested for centuries. #NewRootsHerbal
  4. Limiting my screen time: Though I’ve found this really hard, I’ve been giving myself a goal of reducing my screen time from week to week. I found myself getting super addicted to being ALWAYS ONLINE and it wasn’t serving anyone. Because I’m competitive, there’s no better opponent than myself and competing with myself to be better than the week before has been a pretty fun challenge.
  5. Supplements: In addition to Sleep⁸  I’ve also just started taking Chill Pills by New Roots. These little magic pills use natural ingredients to reduce nervous irritability and make you feel more relaxed so you can focus at the tasks at hand. The good thing about these guys is they make you calm and cool. #RestFromStress #StressRelief

If you’re feeling stressed like most of us are I highly suggest trying some of the things I’ve written about in this post. New Roots also has a pretty cool resource on their site that you can find HERE to help you fill in the spots that you might need a little assistance in. #MakeLifeBetter #StressRelief



Disclosure: I have participated in a paid partnership with New Roots Herbal. Opinions in this post are my own.


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