CWC + Friends: Dhru Purohit of Broken Brain Podcast

Happy#HumpDay, Cowes! You know what that means… Another fire episode of Conversations With Coco + Friends- if we do say so ourselves!

This is the release of our first episode recorded in sunny Los Angeles. When you listen to this episode with special guest, Dhru Purohit, you will seriously feel instant inspo.

Dhru Purohit, Founder and host of Broken Brain Podcast, a top 20 health podcast with over 10+ million downloads is one of the smartest people we’ve ever met-  no lie. Dhru is also a partner and CEO at Dr. Hyman Enterprises, the Co-Founder of the Clean Program and on the leadership team of the UltraWellness Center. Dhru’s perspective and insight is refreshingly eye-opening. Dhru Purohit is the host of Broken Brain Podcast, a top 20 health podcast with over 10+ million downloads.

We sat down with Dhru in his Santa Monica studio, which he graciously lent us to record our podcast, and we went OFF. This serial entrepreneur basically became our life coach for the hour and we could not get enough of Dhru’s wisdom.

In this episode, Dhru walks us through how to create deeper, more meaningful friendships as an adult and the low-down on breaking destructive patterns by changing our daily habits. We were in awe at the effects that loneliness, lack of sleep and stress have on the human brain and body. Beyond that, our self-reflection radar went through the roof as Dhru explained the crazy impact the people you surround yourself with has on your brain! Dhru sheds some serious light as he inspires you to get steps closer to cultivating your best self and that’s a damn fact.

Find out for yourself and listen now- available on all platforms (easy access: Spotify + Apple)

Resources Dhru Mentions in the pod to explore:

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