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In The Know With Cowe and Cowe: Friday August 28, 2020

Happy Friyay, Cowes!

Stay #InTheKnow with everything from our podcast episode featuring Kayla Grey, to the false realities behind Selling Sunset (shocker), a new taco recipe to try at home, the answer behind why a wine hangover hits different and your weekend horoscope.

  1. At least the NBA is awake: everything we know about the sports strike. 
  2. We sat down with Kayla Grey last month for a conversation that continues to be sadly relevant. We need change and we need it now- click here to listen.
  3. So, Selling Sunset has been exposed. We’re not shocked, we’re just disappointed.
  4. When two world’s collide: The Weeknd x Calvin Harris just dropped our rest of Summer track, “Over Now”.
  5. Five habits to help you maintain consistency in your diet.
  6. Summer Fridays latest drop is simply stunning but not available in Canada (yet)…
  7. The most readable books for your friends who claim to not read. 
  8. How to face your feelings of loneliness face on.
  9. Jeff Bezos just became the first person ever worth $200 billion. Probably the only human who thrived during this pandemic lol.
  10. An investigation: WHY does wine make us so damn hungover?
  11. Listen to Wednesday’s episode of CWC + Friends where we sat down with Dhru Purohit, who will become your life coach instantly (yes, two fire episodes in the same week)!
  12. A$AP Rocky Told Rihanna His Skin Type Is “Handsome”– sexy and he knows it.
  13. This weekend’s menu lineup will definitely include Chrissy Teigen’s Sweet Chili Fajita Tacos .
  14. VOTE merchandise to support the U.S election from afar.
  15. Your weekend horoscope– buckle up!


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