CWC + Friends: Shannon Nadj of Hot Pilates

Cowes! This week you are in for a treat as you listen to one of my closest *Canadian* friends tell you how she started the hottest pilates studio in Los Angeles. Meet, Shannon Nadj, the founder of Hot Pilates and the Get Hot method. Shannon has been transforming bodies and minds for over a decade. You may have seen Shannon or Hot Pilates tagged in stories from Selena Gomez, Sofia Richie, Adriana Lima, and the list goes on! This goal-getter has really made a name for herself in the wellness space on a global scale.

You’ll be in awe at what led Shannon to open her own pilates studio. I don’t want to give too much away here but Shannon is someone who has always valued the way her body and mind feels. Health and wellness were always a priority, especially in the household she grew up in. Both Shannon and her sister have been FIT since forever ago. The impressive part is how they have both maintained this body and refreshing state of mind.

It also feels like Shannon has lived in LA for her whole damn life, however the girl is from Windsor! She’s one of us, Cowes. We could’ve continued talking for hours as we sipped Veuve from our solo cups and zenned out as a stick of palo santo burned. This convo was raw, real, and inspiring as I reflected on Shannon’s exponential growth.

I was in town for Shannon’s OG studio launch in Sunset Plaza almost 10 years ago and just a week before we recorded, Shannon had opened her second Hot Pilates studio location in Brentwood on the Westside. Shannon spent years creating and tweaking her method and it sure as hell paid off! She was already making moves to expand in NYC right before Rona swooped in and canceled all of our plans. In the meantime, Shannon has launched her digital platform, Get Hot On The Go. Access your free 7-day trial here.

Listen to A Conversation With Shannon Nadj, Founder of Hot Pilates now to discover how Shannon centers herself when all hell breaks loose and the importance of prioritizing your body and mind. Don’t forget to rate CWC + Friends on Spotify or Apple now!




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