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Local Love: Alex Baird of Ripe Nutrition

Today, we shine light on our broth queen, Alex Baird (aka as RIPE) of Ripe Nutrition. Read on for how she took one of the biggest leaps to focus on her passions.

Give us your elevator pitch — tell us a bit about yourself. We want to know what you’re all about.
Hi, I’m Alex but my friends call me RIPE. I’m a self-taught chef and a registered holistic nutritionist. I started Ripe 6 years ago when I decided to take a major risk and quit my job. 

I decided to combine my two passions; cooking and helping others get healthy. Though I could’ve never imagined I would be here because in the beginning, cooking and nutrition weren’t always my thing. (Luckily) in the process of going back to school for nutrition, I taught myself how to cook clean and healthy food that tasted great; which led to the creation of RIPE, a line of superfood broths. Which might I mention, I look at as my babies.

 #LocalLove is all about showing love to bad-ass bosses like yourself. Can you share with us what you do for work and how you make an impact?
I designed a line of the sexiest, cleanest, most nutrient-dense broths, created locally here in Toronto! As a holistic chef and nutritionist, I did private consulting for 5 years first and noticed that every one of my clients despite age or illness could benefit from the benefits of bone broth. The broth I created is incredible for hair, skin, nails, energy, weight loss, digestion, immunity and most importantly for the gut. So, I did my research and couldn’t find a broth on the market that tasted RIPE (get it), that wasn’t filled with preservatives and unnecessary amounts of sodium. I took on a side hustle; the broth life. Over time, that side hustle turned into a full-time career and a lifestyle change. RIPE has helped support countless incredible people on their weight loss journey and nourish people going through serious illnesses, lacking the ability to eat or stomach solid foods. 

RIPE’s big picture is to get into hospital boards. We want everyone to have access to this deliciousness; that we believe is the healthiest thing you can put into your body! This is not your average broth, this is a superfood, organic broth that is science-based and filled with aromatic herbs and adaptogens. See the sex appeal now? 

How did you get into this line of work?
In short, I was extremely depressed, unhealthy, and out of shape. I needed a major lifestyle change, which for me was going back to school. With my then seemingly random realization that anyone and everyone could benefit from a product that was easy to take down and super nutrient-dense, I went deeper on my research and couldn’t find a broth on the market that accomplished this for people in the healthiest way it could. I grew up on broth so I was used to the good good and nothing compared. So, a few years after graduation, RIPE was born. 

Three years later, our liquid gold broths can be found all over the city. Good Goddess Nest, nutbar, ELXR Juice Lab, Summerhill Market, farmhouse juice, Press Juice and Co, Coco Market, stackt Market, Pressed Market, Homegrown Juice and soon to be IQ in equinox and the list goes on and on!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given (career or otherwise)
Best advice: Simply, you can do anything you put your mind to!

How about the worst?
Do not quit your job it’s too risky… Lol, I’m all about the risky and the frisky baby. 

If you could paint your ideal life, what would that look like in 5-10 years from now?
It’s funny I think that my ideal life is looking pretty similar to my life now. I work hard but, I LOVE WHAT I DO. I set my own hours – no early morning appointments so I can get a sweat in, make a healthy breakfast and ground myself before the mayhem begins (pretty dope). I help to motivate people, and to boost their confidence – it’s so incredibly rewarding to help to support people with their health! All this said, I would like to build out RIPE and not only specialize in our broths but also create a line of superfood/wellness and lifestyle “must-have” products. I am in the midst of doing some pretty serious product development so stay tuned!

What are your favourite resources that you’ve come across over the years (e.g., email extensions, design apps etc.)
Straight up – Instagram! When I could finally swipe up – it was a game changer. I have met so many next-level incredible creatives and like-minded entrepreneurs on Instagram. I have received tremendous support and it’s been a major tool for marketing and collaboration – which helps to keep things fresh and exciting.

Who are 3 of your favourite Canadian entrepreneurs that our readers should absolutely be in the know about?
Natasha Gedess of Good Goddess 

Daria Muscio of Dars Bars 

Josh Nagel of kind Magazine 

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