CWC + Friends: Chris Ford of Butter Love & Hardwork

Cowes, we hope you have as much fun listening to this week’s episode as we had recording it. This conversation with Chris Ford will have you eager to start that next project and bet on yourself, we promise.

I’ve known Chris for five years at this point, we worked on the Four Seasons Pop Down global brand series together where he traveled with us from Toronto to Philadelphia, to Hong Kong and Miami, as one of our famous pastry Chef’s. Each of those locations come with their fair share of stories. Let’s just say, Chris will effortlessly find a way to make you laugh so hard you feel like your about to pee yourself. I’m telling you, shit could be going up in flames right in front of your face (literally and figuratively) and suddenly it seems less bad with Chris around.

Something you need to know about Chris is that his (edible) art is nothing short of perfect. And the even better part is, he works his ass off and takes no opportunity for granted. Chris Ford took the leap from Corporate to creating his own business, Butter, Love & Hardwork Shop where you get the goods. He is famous for his “breakables”, where you use a custom mallet to break open one of his deliciously sweet masterpieces. This might ring a bell from Chrissy Teigen’s stories, KKW’s fragrance launch, and his BLHW seasonal sellouts. Yes, to us it seems like he’s done it all but in his mind, he’s only just begun.

Interested in how Chris started out? Has he always been into sweet treats? Listen to A Conversation with Chris Ford: Celebrity Pastry Chef and Founder of Butter, Love & Hardwork to find out now.

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