CWC + Friends: Zuri Hall of Access Hollywood

Happy #HumpDay, Cowes!

This week on CWC + Friends, we sat down with Emmy Award Winning TV host of Access Hollywood, actor and writer, Zuri Hall. This ray of sunshine brought her infectious energy and told us about how she went from being desperate for any entry level job in Ohio to interviewing Oprah Winfrey on the red carpet. From the Grammy’s to the Oscars and the Golden Globes, Zuri has seen it all ladies and gents! More importantly than that, Zuri advocates for women’s rights and the ability for us gals to be both smart and sexy (hell yes!). She is a strong believer in staying true to her beliefs and core values, Zuri will not cross lines to get ahead just because of the atmosphere she is in, point-blank.

Zuri launched the Alphababe platform five years ago, a social movement and lifestyle brand. Zuri started this movement at a time where filters were being introduced and plastic surgery was more than ever, being portrayed as “natural” and that was the desired standard and benchmark for young women. She says, “I just want us to feel like there’s more than one bar and there’s more than one way to success and to celebrate the girls who can celebrate their sexiness but then also choose to develop themselves intellectually. I want to be smart and sexy- I can be both.” Damn straight! Zuri is proud to see how far we have come since launching Alphababe in expanding that “benchmark” and standard- we have started becoming more comfortable with loving our natural selves and we will continue telling women they are beautiful and worthy until they believe it.

In this episode, Zuri outlines how she maintains her integrity while being on top of reporting the latest Hollywood news and in the presence of celebrities. Zuri shares how she maintains privacy and we also got into the importance of financial literacy, specifically understanding your credit score. Zuri introduced us to Credit Karma, a platform that will help you get your credit score from 300 to 80o real quick. Cowes, listen now (Apple + Spotify) for a feel-good convo that will get you through the rest of your week!

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