A Bagel Brunch for Friendsgiving

Since we’re back to ‘stay at home season’ and going out isn’t much of an option, it’s time to get creative!

We did our first ‘bagel brunch’ for an offsite for my staff last year and it was a big hit. It takes things people love (bagels, lox, cream cheese, etc) but elevates it to give it that high tea vibe usually found in fancy hotels. Though these steps aren’t really necessary, sometimes it’s all about the presentation and when you’re running low on time, this simple adjustment will make you look like you have all the time in the world.

I purchased these three tier serving stands at Ikea for $14.99 and got all my bagel goodies at What A Bagel in Toronto. I typically select a variety of fresh bagels (Sesame, Pumpernickle, Everything), fresh cream cheese (plain, chive and blueberry if they have), lox, egg salad and tuna salad. Then, I purchase and thinly slice fresh tomatoes and cucumbers for garnish. If your crowd enjoys capers and red onions, those can be great garnish additions as well!

Last time around, we also added some pastries and sweets on the top tier but for this week’s occasion, we had a much smaller group, all trying to cut out sweets and alcohol, so that explains why we eliminated those temptations. But, for you and whoever your hosting, we always recommend going all out! That also doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. I grabbed fresh flowers from my local floral market (Jong Yong Flower Market) and used some clear vases I already had at home.  Then to FURTHER elevate the brunch experience, add a bottle of champagne or some sparkling wine if you’re balling on a budget, OJ and/or grapefruit juice, and don’t forget fresh fruit (strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, raspberries) for that extra oomph. One thing we can promise you is that your guests will not walk away hungry, that’s for sure!

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year? Let us know in the comment section below and tag us in your festivities here.




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