CWC + Friends: Carly Burnett of TKEES

We are officially back to our local roots on the pod. This month we sat down with my good friend, Carly Burnett, Co-Founder and Creative Director of our beloved TKEES. Listen to our conversation with Carly here.

Carly has such cool girl energy. She shares with us how she and her hubby, Jesse have created a globally successful brand and the leaps they took from retail to footwear, and recently expanding to men and minis- everyone wear essentially! Trust us when we say it’s not as easy as it looks… Carly’s been at it for more than a decade because building a brand does not happen overnight, Cowes! We learned lots about the way she does things and the biz dynamic between Carly, Jesse and their team.

Believe it or not, Carly has failed too, she says every day but we don’t believe her. Regardless, she shares her perspective with us when having to break through that stubborn wall when you feel like nothing is working. *brb, taking notes*

It gave us goosebumps to feel Carly’s energy surrounding TKEES, how building this brand “just felt right” and the passion she has towards brand growth and conceptualizing new collections. This is just the beginning!

Enough reading, more listening! Listen to our conversation with Carly Burnett now. Don’t forget to rate CWC + Friends on Apple and follow us on Spotfiy.




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