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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday October 23, 2020

Happy Friday, Cowes!

Stay #InTheKnow with everything from Ariana Grande’s latest release, to the best Bachelorette recap (we’ve hit rock bottom), a fan favourite recipe, to stylish + protective laptop cases and mini must-haves.

  1. Your weekend horoscope brought to you by @betches.
  2. Kendall + Kylie’s first-ever collection with le Amazon.
  3. Beautifully protect your laptop with these staple laptop cases. 
  4. This week’s episode of CWC + Friends with CityLine Host Tracy Moore.
  5. The best ‘Bachelorette’ recap you’ll read all day.
  6. Vogue: How Naomi Campbell Changed Modeling Forever.
  7. SELF-certified workout gear roundup for all those at-home sweat sessions.
  8. The procrastination is real- it’s time to change your moisturizer.
  9. The cutest mini purse to brighten up your minimalistic OOTD- don’t @ us.
  10. Fear Of God is doing big things and we back it.
  11. Ultimate crowd-pleaser: old school baked pasta shells.
  12. Ariana Grande bless us with new track, Positions
  13. Healthy Twix bars, we know how we’re spending Halloween.
  14. 10/10 skincare minis as we gear up for Secret Santa SZN.


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