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Conversations With Coco + Friends: George M. Johnson

This week, we sat down via video call with George M. Johnson (they/them), activist, educator, and author of their very own debut All Boys Aren’t Blue. George is a leader in the LGBTQIA+ space as they continue to speak tf up and break barriers IRL. Cowes, it’s time to wake up! This episode will do just that, we can all learn something from George. Listen now as we discuss gender constructs that should not be the “norm”, toxic masculinity, SexEd, manifestation, and a whole other dimension of what it’s like to be black and queer in 2020. Click HERE, to listen right now!

The three of us dove into George’s memoir ahead of our conversation and damn, did we ever realize that we have a long way to go. We thought we were #woke cisgender females but we were quickly reminded that there is always more to learn. George shines some serious light on how we can get closer to unlearning the status quo. George reminds us that women, less than 100 years ago, were not allowed to wear pants because it was seen as disrespectful towards men. Flash forward to 2020, wearing pants (or no bottoms at all) is second nature to us ladies. It’s simple reminders like that which encourage people to think about what they would do if this construct didn’t exist.

George has experienced some serious trauma as a queer trans-black folk since day one, George advises on this idea around topics being “too heavy” for children when in reality George had their teeth kicked out at 5-years-old. As a mother, George’s perspective was sincerely enlightening and vital, especially important to make yourself aware of as you raise your family, no matter what ethnicity you are! George provides us with the resources and encouragement to #unlearn and become more aware of all that’s out there.

We are proud to share that All Boys Aren’t Blue is currently being optioned for TV  by Gabrielle Union and the best part is that George will play a large role in the production of the series. Listen now on Spotify or Apple to find out how George’s 2017 dreams turned into their current reality.

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