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She’s The Boss: Chari Cuthbert of BYCHARI

Today, we shine light on Chari Cuthbert of BYCHARI, the most effortlessly stylish jewelry brand. Remember the ‘VOTE’ necklace Michelle Obama wore back in August, that was created by the ever so woke Chari Cuthbert. *mic drop*

Chari is a Jamaican born beauty who launched BYCHARI in 2012 with just $100 in her pocket, to address the “gap in the market for great pieces at an approachable price point.” (Sourced from TIME) Chari’s pieces range anywhere from $20 to $500- there is something for literally everyone! Chari’s designs are elegant and approachable all at the same time.

Having lived around the world, Chari acknowledged her unique approach to fashion. Jewelry has always been her way of dressing up minimalistic investment pieces. Chari’s jewelry collection mainly consisted of passed down pieces from women in her family or purposeful finds from her travels around the world. She used her taste in what she liked about jewelry to create designs that are like no other. These pieces span from essential, everyday jewelry to finer and signature custom pieces. BYCHARI has been worn by, Kate Hudson, Rose Huntington-Whiteley, Aimee Song, Chiara Ferrangni, Rocky Barnes and many more.

“BYCHARI is how you express your personal story and style to the world. Purchasing her jewelry is symbolic of celebrating your big, defining moments, as well as appreciating the simple beauty in each day.” – Chari Cuthbert

Each piece is handmade sustainably in Los Angeles by Chari and her beautiful team of five. Chari and her team remain committed to supporting local small businesses so that each BYCHARI piece can be worn with confidence.

During COVID, Chari and her team are actively pivoting to appeal and satisfy every customer, “One of the most important things right now is being able to provide quality pieces at any price point,” she says. “Especially with the uncertainty of income and spending at the moment, we really focus our concerns on pieces that are attainable to anybody.” (Feature in TIME: How Jewelry Startup Founder Chari Cuthbert Shifted Her Company to a Work-From-Home Operation)

“Jewelry is something you can put on and just feel really good about yourself,” Chari says. “More so now than ever, we’ve found it very important that people who want to be able to get themselves something nice feel good about themselves.” Even if it is just via video call that these fresh pieces are seen.

Forbes did a feature on Chari (Meet Chari Cuthbert: The Jewelry Designer Behind Michelle Obama’s ‘Vote’ Necklace), after Michelle’s ‘vote’ necklace made such a statement and her response made our hearts full! It really is incredible how wearing one word, one very important word stylishly is something people quickly chase after.

Since the ‘vote’ necklace debut, BYCHARI’s sales and exposure have skyrocketed. “The response has been tremendous. We are very grateful to have a massive influx in orders and press inquiries. I’ve been receiving non-stop text messages, emails and phone calls since Mrs. Obama took the stage,” Chari expresses. “I feel lucky to be able to express my voice and the voice of the people through my art. It’s amazing how one word worn in the form of jewelry can help people express themselves as well as inspire others to express themselves too. My hope is that our vote necklace will empower and inspire people to rock the vote since our democracy depends on everyone getting out and voting.” Preach, Chari!

Feeling inspired, find your next piece on BYCHARI here.


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