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She’s The Boss: Chantel Davis of CASTAMIRA

Cowes! This week we shine light on Chantel Davis, founder of the timeless swimwear brand, CASTAMIRA. This Jamaican-born model and designer has officially made one-pieces hot again. Chantel’s swimwear is inspired by nostalgia, especially from the women of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, seen in vintage swim catalogs and sports illustrated magazines. “It was that belle epoch era for me that in starting CASTAMIRA, I wanted to bring back the essence of the joie de vivre for the modern woman.” (Source: HOLR Magazine).

Ladies, all CASTAMIRA swimwear was created with a focus on body contouring to enhance your assets, specifically highlighting the small of your back, elongating your legs and embracing your curves. CASTAMIRA values sustainability, with the use of eco-friendly fibers in swimwear and green packaging to reduce waste. Chantel sees the future of CASTAMIRA as one of the go-to destination swimwear brands for adventure, play and relaxation. Making CASTAMIRA’s complete swim line 100% sustainable. Currently, Chantel and her team use regenerated nylon on select styles. CASTAMIRA was founded in Miami and these sustainable one-pieces are now crafted in Los Angeles, explore shipping availability here.

Chantel pushed through more than a year of research and design, endless fabric samples and unforeseen manufacturing delays (shocker), to launch CASTAMIRA’s debut collection of one-piece swimsuits. Fusing feminine elegance with modern edge and a touch of old world romance, Chantel’s designs reflect a timeless sensibility that is all her own. (CASTAMIRA: Simply Timeless feature in HOLR).

What does CASTAMIRA consider ‘sexy’ in swimwear?

“How a woman wears CASTAMIRA is what we consider ‘sexy’. Yes, most of her body’s landscape is covered in fabric, yet the lines, and undulations that follow true to the female form are so delicate — that’s sexy. How she walks in our swimsuits commanding her presence via poolside or beach, what she chooses to accessorize with or not, we love the minimalist feel. Sexy isn’t always about skin. It’s about that silent force  and confidence a woman feels within.” (HOLR feature)

CASTAMIRA’s colour palette was inspired by neons and brights that most 80s swimwear had. In addition to the neutral earth tones of Andalusia (community in Spain), to compliment a woman’s skin tone. Explore CASTAMIRA here.


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All photos sourced from Hollywood Glam Magazine


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