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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday November 13, 2020

Stay #InTheKnow with everything from self-reflection moments, to “being a winter person” even when you think you’re not, Chrissy T’s garlic roasted squash ricotta za, the best Bachelorette recap you’ve ever read, and your weekend horoscope.

  1. Your weekend horoscope- find your chill, Cowes.
  2. Is my job the problem, or is it me?
  3. Tayshia, you’re up. the best Bachelorette recap you’ll ever read.
  4. Three ways to style your Fall trench coat, pre-snow!
  5. Struggling to find a gift your man? Start here.
  6. Online dating tips because tis the season (or lifetime) for that!
  7. What Pfizer’s early COVID-19 vaccine results mean for us Canadians.
  8. This week on CWC + Friends we sat down with Paul Jefferies for A Conversation with Nineteen85: Acclaimed Record Producer and One Half of DVSN on Music, Diversifying Your Portfolio, BLM and the Truth About Owning Your Masters
  9. The most stunning at-home garlic roasted squash and ricotta za thanks to Chrissy Teigen.
  10. Yep. Emily in Paris has officially announced that season two is in progress.
  11. How to be a winter person… this is a thought that has seriously been on our mind lol.
  12. Emma Roberts opens up about new beginnings and her struggle to pregnancy with cover feature on Cosmopolitan.
  13. Yay or nay for henna freckles, TikTok style?
  14. Michelle Phan’s list of beauty empties. *brb taking notes*
  15. New Music Friday, Spotify comes thru once again.


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