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She’s The Boss: Maggie Holladay of Claude Home

Cowes! This week, we shine light on Maggie Holladay of Claude Home. This stylish queen has a real eye for vintage. So much so, that she turned her vintage shopping hobby into a full blown career back in 2018. Cue Claude Home, the go-to for one-of-a-kind furniture finds, impressive sculptures and trinkets. This NY-based brand has grown exponentially, with 100K followers on Instagram and an evolving collection of purchasables in less than two years’ time, in not to mention one of the most competitive markets.

In Poosh feature, Meet Claude Home: The Vintage-Inspired Decor Shop, Maggie expresses, “I started collecting a bunch of vintage furniture and miscellaneous items. My boyfriend at the time was like, ‘Mags, we don’t need eight sets of marble coasters. Make an Instagram account and sell this.’ His nickname was ‘Claude,’ so that’s where I got Claude Home from.” Maggie, we are on your side, we don’t think there is such thing as too many marble coasters but happy that you started sharing because the finds on Claude Home are fire.

Maggie’s vision behind CH is “to help people discover and shop classic timeless design”, which explains the unique range of items and the extensive price range accessible to all. Maggie sees Claude Home expanding into more pieces designed by her and we can expect some exciting 2021 furniture collabs, we can’t wait for that!

Maggie started in the fashion industry before making her big move to NY on her own at the ripe age of 18, with no clear direction or high school diploma. “Right when I turned 21, I landed my dream job with a stylist I looked up to for years,” Maggie explained. “After about a year there, I mentally was drifting away and started to realize that working in fashion was no longer my dream job, so I ended that.” Instead, aesthetic interiors became a point of passion for Maggie which ilef to the official launch of Claude Home. Without any official background in the field, she dove into the world of home décor. “I started Claude as a hobby, not really knowing much about the world of interiors,” she told the Who What Wear team. “And as I learned more about the field from reading books and constant research, I fell in love with it more and more.”

Maggie’s passion is tastefully reflected in the pieces displayed through the brand’s IG and on Claude Home’s website roster. Each for sale item is thought out and appeals to a wide audience. We can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for Claude Home.

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