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CWC + Friends: How Are You Really Tho?

Cowes, this week on CWC + Friends, Cleo, Pilar and I sat down and shot the shit pre-second lockdown, A Conversation With Coco, Cleo and Pilar on the Impact of COVID On Their Lives and Mental Health. 

It felt good to go back and forth about how our perspectives have changed since COVID hit, what we rely on to get through what seems to be the darkest of days, how I overcame the blame game in my relationship, and how we can even dream up ideas while staring at the same four walls.

We chatted about the struggles of small businesses and how women are losing the power they fought so hard to gain, due to the unforeseen circumstances of this pandemic. Follow along here as we talk it out!

By checking in with each other, we want to remind you to check in with yourselves. Know that you are not alone and that everyone is facing their own battles, not that it makes yours any easier.

Right now might be the best time to discover more about who you are and how you deal with such unpredictable moments. Right now might be the best time to pick up a new (virtual) hobby or spend time doing something you never get the chance to do. That was reading for me… I used to fly through books and then 2019 was so damn jam-packed (what a concept), that I felt like a never got a minute to sit down with a good read. Well, am I ever making up for those minutes now LOL. Obviously reading has not solved all my problems but it’s created an alternative reality, in the best way possible.

We’re going to get through this, despite how we all may be feeling right now. If you haven’t taken the time to acknowledge this global pandemic and the BLM movement, it’s time. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings, then write that shit down. It’s O-K to feel sad, frustrated and angry. The reality of our restrictions is very real. Visit this week’s episode here for some relatable perspectives, I promise.

Cowes, we mention a few ideas in this episode. Click here to discover your Love Language.

Also, the 5-Minute Journal was a mind saver throughout quarantine, guaranteed to challenge you to find gratitude even when it feels like nothing is working out. We promise it’s out there and it’s in you to find out- cheesy but true.

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