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She’s The Boss: Trinity Mouzon Wofford of Golde

Today, we shine light on Trinity Mouzon Wofford of wellness and beauty brand, Golde. From face masks, to smoothie boosters Golde has your back. A brand rooted in superfood health and wellness for every body.

Founder, Trinity Mouzon has been driven since day one, to put it in perspective this brand launched when Trinity was just 23 years old, in 2017 and is now sold at Goop and Urban Outfitters- we see you, Trinity.

Age is just a number to Trinity, her tenacity, work ethic and passion have been the continued result of building something “both fun and profitable” (Create & Cultivate 100: Small Business: Trinity Mouzon Wofford). The most impressive part, Trinity’s biz is self-funded and she wouldn’t have it any other way. This decision has forced Trinity and her team to lean on engagement and authenticity versus relying on a generous corporate budget.

Trinity grew up with her mother who had an autoimmune disease and only started feeling relief of her severe symptoms after taking a more holistic approach. This moment transformed Trinity’s mindset, she expressed, “that got me totally into the natural health movement, and I decided I was going to be a doctor too.” When Trinity’s mother saw the results from switching to a more holistically-minded physician. “I was pre-med at NYU up until I heard from my mom that she had to stop seeing this doctor because she literally couldn’t afford it—and so I was left at this crossroads as I was finishing school about whether it made any sense to go into that field if it was still so inaccessible to the average person.”

Ultimately, Golde came as a solution to Trinity’s experiences as a consumer in the wellness space, from childhood experiences to product interactions. “Everything was either old school, ‘crunchy granola,’ or so ultra-luxe that it felt completely inaccessible to me. We wanted to create something that felt warm and fun and fresh—something that felt golden.” (Create & Cultivate 100: Small Business: Trinity Mouzon Wofford).

From there, Golde was born.

No, not overnight! Despite Trinity’s age, she has been thinking about how to break into this space for practically her whole life and Golde was not a lightbulb moment but a brand built on “years, love and so much effort” to turn it into the powerhouse it is today.

Trinity and her life partner, Issy focused solely on turmeric when they launched Golde and were pleasantly surprised at the community of people who loved their approach to wellness as much as their only product. Trinity and Issy agreed on the fact that it would have been a missed opportunity to limit the brand to excel at the creation of one product. Flash forward to a full collection of superfood essentials and natural beauty products only three years after launching.

Trinity shares with the Create & Cultivate team the lessons she has learned from being an entrepreneur and it’s something we at The Cowe live for.

“Starting a business has taught me nearly every life lesson I’ve acquired to date. The biggest one is accepting failure. Being an entrepreneur is basically just a series of unending failure—you make the wrong projections, your production run goes wrong, someone’s not happy with your product. You can choose any of these moments to give up, or you can see them as learning curves that will prepare you for the next thing.”

As we know, things rarely go as planned, but without failure, we would never be able to feel success and fulfillment the way we desire to. On that note, we can only hope that you also find that sweet balance between creating a fun and profitable brand.

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