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CWC + Friends: Tyrone Edwards

Happy #HumpDay, Cowes!

Today, we share a very important discussion on Conversations With Coco + Friends (A Conversation With Tyrone Edwards, Co-Anchor of eTalk on Racism, Family and Un-Muting Himself Pt.1) with one of my besties, Tyrone Edwards also known as Mr. 1LoveTO. You may recognize Tyrone from your TV screen, on the gram or on one of many billboards around the city. All of that to say, he knows what’s up and the world is beginning to recognize that more than ever before.

Cowes, what you have to know is Tyrone is a literal peacemaker, he is all about playing the role, yet he has always managed to stand his ground for what he believes in. He has no hesitation in speaking up when it comes to our friends but in a professional setting, he’s never been one to “rock the boat”, if you will. I’ve known Tyrone for 20 years so I have been there through it all and I will say this year has been pivotal for him and our community. Yes, I’m referring to when he unmuted himself after George Floyd’s death on an episode of The Social this May, 2020. Tyrone delivered one of the most memorable lines of the BLM movement; my trauma is not a trend. From that point forward, Tyrone has created a space for not only black men, but everyone to have open conversations about not only race but the traumatic effects that systematic racism has on actual living beings. Tyrone puts value on the responsibility of each and every one of us, despite your role or occupation and it goes far beyond learning the safe “buzzwords”.

Did we ever get into it on today’s episode, Cowes. Click to listen on Spotify or Apple now as Tyrone opens up about confronting overt and covert racism, battling tokenism, navigating both pandemics, being a black man in the media industry and intel on the latest Ted Talk he delivered this Spring. Tyrone’s energy is guaranteed to have you reflect, re-focus and simply want to be better.

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