5 Things to Do During the First Week of January

Cowes! We made it.

Happy New Year. We’re jumping back into “regular scheduled programming” as much as possible as we welcome 2021 with open arms. We love getting our lives together at the top of the year and in order to do so, it goes beyond “making resolutions”. Read on for 5 things to accomplish this week and start your year in the best way possible.

Set Your Intentions
We’ve seen it all over the gram, but seriously writing sh!t down makes it 100% more real and subconsciously holds yourself accountable. We absolutely love this guide that provides you with THIRTY thought starters when setting your intentions and dividing up your goals through key areas of your life. Let us know what you think by sharing a story and tagging us here. 

Create a Budget and Savings Plan
#MomentOfTruth. It’s time to sit yourself down and write out your numbers. The more you avoid looking at your bank account and CC statements, the less power you have over your finances. A repeated goal of our team’s is to feel financially stable and in control this year! The best way to start is to look at your spending history (scary, we know!), and separate your non-negotiable expenses and your “wants”. Small spending sacrifices help to create major opportunities, i.e., not going to Starbucks everyday LOL. We just made an account on Mint, a well liked budget tracking app and will let you know how we like the app later this month.

Create a Routine + Schedule in Self-Care Time
Even though most of us are working from home, it’s important to separate your work from your “personal” life as much as possible. We know it’s especially hard when sharing a smaller space with others but it’s crucial that you identify times where you need a certain space in the house and create a schedule that works for you and your partner or roommates. An agreed upon plan that is fair and inclusive so everyone can feel confident checking things off their list while creating more structure under the same roof- yes, please! Don’t expect flow and ease on week one, it takes time to establish a routine, create new habits and still make time to care for yourself. Input those reminders in your calendar to do a face mask and get a sweat session in, we know that’s the only way we’ll officially make the time!

Cook at Home
There’s nothing more tempting than Uber Eats after a long workday but just because WFH is in full effect doesn’t mean you can’t meal prep for a few hours a week. We’ve all seen the benefits of owning an Air Fryer and an Instant Pot, if you can secure one or both of these machines, your cooking from home experience will be changed for the better, forever. We’ve found joy in discovering recipes on Pinterest and trying them at home! Not only is it often more delicious but you will save a lot of money in surcharges and delivery fees- we promise!

Buy Yourself Something Nice (+ Productive)
*The Cowe giving you a sign to treat yourself*

This is anything from a new planner (The Cowe reco’s the Productivity Planner or Stil 6-Month Planner), to the 5-Minute Journal, to new AirPods! Those goodies linked have been some of our most productive gifts of 2020. Treat yourself and discover more ease in your routine.

We hope you found this helpful! Share how you’re starting your year right with us by tagging @cocoandcowe in your IG stories.


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