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CWC + Friends: My Journey to Becoming a Biz Owner + Trusting The Creative Process

This week on CWC + Friends, Pilar and Cleo put me in the hot seat as they basically took turns asking me lots of questions about my come up and the events that took place to put me where I am today. We went all the way back to my move from Jamaica to Newmarket, my first job and how my biz partner, Halla Rafati and I met.

Listen now as I uncover my intro to the world of event planning, wow moments, why the smallest details matter most and my POV on overthinking. I say this in the pod and I’ll write it out for those of you on the fence about doing something or taking that leap you’ve been talking about for months. I say, just go for it! You can overthink something until it dies, or you can put it out there, test the market, re-frame and change. Hell yes to the latter LOL.

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4 Steps to Combat Overthinking:

  1. Take a step back. I know, it sounds much easier said than done but look at the big picture because sometimes the minor details take priority and they won’t matter one month from now, or even tomorrow in some cases!
  2. What is your gut telling you? What was your initial thought towards the decision you’re attempting to make before someone clouded your judgment?
  3. Identify things you can control versus things you cannot. *A reminder to stop tormenting yourself about things that you cannot control.* External factors often play a large role and sometimes there is nothing you can do but sit and wait after exhausting all options. I like to remind myself that the magic happens most of the time during points of major frustration.
  4. Read The Five-Second Rule by Mel Robbins and apply that mindset to your daily life. You’ll know exactly what I mean once you read it. 😉

I’ll leave you with this, a lot of people think it’s easy because it looks easy. The easier something looks, the harder it is. I promise you.

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