9 Black Creatives to Follow Right Now

It’s officially #BlackHistoryMonth and though the thought that our excellence should be relegated to a month makes me feel cringe, I love any reason to celebrate Black excellence. We are excited to share all of the talent and beautiful Blackness we Stan and discover on a daily basis with all of you throughout this month

Each week, we will be sharing resources, shining light on Black creatives, authors, chefs and people you need to follow rn. Keep up with us #OnTheBlog and on Instagram to access these resources.

Read on to explore nine Black Creatives whose content has made an impact and continues to leave an impression on our community. Find out who they are and how you can support them during these times.

Brianna Roye

Brianna Roye is a Toronto film photographer specializing in portraiture. She is passionate about using her talent to tell stories and document underrepresented communities. You can support Brianna by purchasing prints and donating to queer and trans people funds.

Bianca Harris

Bianca Harris is the Founder of WIPP Wellness (Women Inspiring Passion + Purpose). The brand known as WIPP WELLNESS has evolved naturally into a wellness focused ecosystem. You can support Bianca by following @wippwellness and keeping up with the brand’s digital content and podcast dedicated to focusing on the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. Yes, please!

Dereshean Jarrett (DJ)

DJ is better known as MixedByOTR. He is a young, remarkably talented Toronto-based audio engineer, DJ, and producer. DJ just started curating playlists for Coco + Cowe and he knows how to hype a wide range of listeners. You can support DJ by following @mixedbyOTR, booking a virtual session and showing love to his latest tracks and mixes through his website.

Ashley McKenzie-Barnes 

Ashley McKenzie-Barnes is a magical curator and creative director with more than 15 years of experience. Ashley aims to bring together her unique cultural POV and bridge the gap between community and corporate sectors. Her design skills were recently acquired by musical legend, Lauryn Hill for the design of her fashion collection celebrating 20 years of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. You can support Ashley by working with her on transforming your next idea into a reality. Visit her website here to get in touch. 

Rachel Joanis

Rachel Joanis is a Toronto-based graphic illustrator whose work revolves around women, promoting different ethnicities and body types, in an effort to normalize inclusivity and promote equal representation. This beauty is the talent behind all of our CWC + Friends podcast art. You can support Rachel by commissioning her for your next project and by purchasing prints and custom cards from her website

Donté Colley

Donté Colley is a breath of fresh air. A creative who expresses himself through uplifting dance routines with positive “can do” clauses, encouraging his community to get shit done, stand up for what is right and love themselves. You can support Donté by following him on Instagram and showing his content some love, by liking, commenting and re-sharing his one of a kind posts.

Liza Yohannes 

Liza Yohannes is a multidisciplinary artist who is Michelle Obama approved. Liza’s collab with Carneyval for their track, Consistency made it on the Michelle Obama Playlist, music from and inspired by her podcast.  It’s easy listening when Liza is playing on our speaker at home. You can support Liza by downloading her latest tracks on all streaming platforms and by following her on Spotify and Instagram.

Nikki Boyd

Nikki Boyd is a professional organizer, inspired by organizing your life and making your space as functional as possible. You can support Nikki by booking your next AHWN virtual organizing services, subscribing to her YouTube channel (AtHomeWithNikki) and purchasing her stationary

Rickey Thompson 

Rickey Thompson is a comedic icon. He can make anyone go from 0 to 100 within 15 seconds of watching one of his uplifting and refreshing short videos. He encourages self-love and doing the right thing. You can support Rickey by showing him love on Instagram and purchasing his new Rickey Thompson Expansion Pack card game by “What Do You Meme”

Any more creatives we should be on the lookout for? Let us know in the comments below or share your favourite content with us via Instagram.



Blog cover photo sourced from: @RachelJoanis


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