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Conversations With Coco + Friends: Alex Niko

Happy #HumpDay, Cowes!

Today, on Conversations With Coco + Friends, we sat down with Alexandra Nikolajev better known as @lexniko. The provider of our daily entertainment for A Conversation About How Creators Can Be Successful on Pinterest, Spilling Celebrity Tea and Putting Yourself First.

This queen went from being a fashion influencer to Canada’s go-to gossip gal. On top of that, Lex is the Creative Inclusion Lead at one of our favourite brands, Pinterest. Annnd she hosts her very own podcast, One Last Thing

We chatted all about Pinterest’s latest Story Pins feature, the platform’s Creator Program, how to win at the algorithm, the importance of pop culture, and how Lex has learned to prioritize herself and put self-love and care first.

Alex is intense about her schedule, she time blocks everything. from breaks, to screen time and meetings. She shares how this Miracle TimeCube has changed her day to day routine, for the better! Listen here for how she manages her routine, while still making the time to take care of herself. #HealthIsWealth.

Some super exciting intel was also shared in honour of Black History Month. Lex is hosting an open Creator event called Black Gold where the day’s programming will share and amplify Black excellence with the Black Creators Pinterest works with. Save the date, Cowes! February 24, all day. Lex will share the link once public on her IG account. We already know it’s going to be super noteworthy, keep an eye out by following her here.

Our favourite thing about Lex is how she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She puts the haters on blast and doesn’t let that person on TikTok suggesting that she waxes her moustache get to her. Oh, people of the internet! We will say, we’re all curious about people’s moustache removal tips… Anyone else?

Wondering if Lex have any affiliation with Deuxmoi? Listen here, now to find out.

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