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CWC + Friends: Trio Episode ft. We’re Not Really Strangers

Happy #HumpDay!

This week on CWC + Friends, the girls and I poured our glasses (to the rim) and played the card game, We’re Not Really Strangers (WNRS). If you haven’t checked it out, you must! WNRS is is a purpose-driven card game and movement all about empowering meaningful connections. There are three carefully crafted levels (Perception, Connection, Reflection) of questions and wildcards that allow you to deepen your existing relationships and create new ones. 

Throughout the episode, we pulled a variety of cards from each level and took turns responding for ourselves or each other depending on the card pulled. Buckle up because this is one of the most entertaining and tipsy episodes we have recorded, ever.

Listen now for some of the most important reminders of your life. Sometimes you forget the value of telling someone how much they mean to you and to deal with conflict sooner rather than later because we all know when we finally bring that one thing to the surface, it’s never as bad as we were making it out to be in our heads.

We reach new heights as we answer our first impressions of each other, the lessons it took us longest to unlearn, and if we intimidate others. In between those moments, I challenge Pilar and Cleo to see what I see in them and they do the same. We also dive into the effects COVID has had on our well-being and the larger impact it’s having on society. I get vulnerable about our bounce back and I tell you exactly why, here.

Together, we get emotional, we get sappy, we get progressively more tipsy and I have no shame in saying this is a conversation you don’t want to miss.

Also, seriously if you haven’t checked out the card game, it’s perfect for these times and to play with those around you or virtually! Friends, S/O’s, your kids, family- anyone and everyone!

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