5 Black Artists to Support + Buy From


With all this time at home, our walls need some loving and a pop of colour to mood boost throughout the day. We’ve shared five Black artists to follow and buy from below. Scroll on for a few of our favourite prints and pieces if you’re looking for some instant #inspo.

Kendra Dandy

Kendra is a super talented artist with a sassy style and playful approach when working with brands and product artwork.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan is a true creative; artist, poet and musician whose work is inspired by stories, conversations and day-to-day life. She sees art-making as a way to connect with others, stay curious and grow in empathy.

Stacie Monday

Stacie is a one-of-a-kind activist whose art is beautifully reflective of promoting positive narratives of Black women and paints to change the negative views and stereotypes that they face through storytelling and advocating equitable representation in visual culture.

Jemma Morris

Jemma of LouLou Art Studio was an artist before she could even walk. Her masterpieces are inspired by nature, bold colour and her multicultural background. LouLou was featured in The OPRAH Magazine (*mic drop*), you’ll quickly realize why after exploring Jemma’s Etsy shop.

Cassi A. Namoda

Cassi is a performance artist and painter whose work reflects the intricacies of social dynamics and mixed cultural and racial identity. Cassi’s colour choices are Cowe approved and we can’t wait to see the new work that she creates this year.

Who is a Black artist that you’ve discovered and supported this year? Share with us down below or tag us here. 


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