#SelfLoveClub: 3 Steps To Believing Why It’s Not Selfish To Put Yourself First


Today is our final week of #SelfLoveClub and we thought what a note to end on by reminding you beauties to put you first, even when it doesn’t feel intuitive.

Some of us have really grown up in the thick of hustle culture and naturally this has framed our mindset to believe putting ourselves first is selfish.

Move closer to removing the guilt associated with putting your mental and physical health first, as opposed to getting one step closer to burnout. Follow the three steps below to help prioritize yourself, at least more than you do now!

  1. Your productivity does not measure your success or self-worth. We have to remind ourselves of this one too. But please know, sometimes you have to put your current feelings and emotions of exhaustion and burnout ahead of your upcoming project’s results. Identify your pillars as an individual and begin prioritizing how you can fuel those different areas of your life without others needs constantly dominating.
  2. Set Boundaries. If you don’t respect your time offline and scheduled “me time”, how do you expect others to? If you have a jam-packed schedule, the only way you’re going to schedule time for yourself is by actually inputting it, create those events for yourself on a daily basis until it becomes habitual. We just wrote a post on how to set boundaries at home, at work and in your relationship(s). Click here for some serious enlightenment.
  3. Value yourself the way you value others. We are givers and goal-getters. We find fulfilment in pleasing others and exceeding expectations. Today, we challenge you to treat yourself and your own time with that same respect and hierarchy. When we’re so damn busy doing for others we kind of forget what it really is that makes us and only us truly happy. Think about those happy moments and when your brain and body feel most in-sync. Now put all distractions aside and do that series of things for you and then, make a habit of it. Once a month “me days” are just not cutting it with this 24/7 WFH lifestyle. You know you agree, so stop reading and start doing!

This all sounds simple but we know the execution and maintenance of prioritizing yourself when life is happening can be extremely difficult. Don’t let it get to the point of breaking down in silence or feeling resentful and not being able to identify exactly why. Our final tip would be keeping a thought journal, our friend Lex Niko shared this tip on this¬†episode of CWC + Friends. We think the whole idea of writing shit down helps us bring out what we put off verbalizing.


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