#CheckYourself: Mindset First

We’re on a self-help, self-love wave and we’re not mad about it. Meet our Friyay March series, Check Yourself. This month we’re riding that wave of taking care of ourselves, from our minds, bodies, straight down to our souls. Join us on this month’s journey as we reevaluate habits, connections and how we do what we do.

In the art of being transparent, our screen time has risen insanely and tbh we think it’s affecting our sleep and memory, I’m sure we could pepper some other misses in there too but we’ll leave it at that. The point is, it’s time to declutter your brain this weekend. This is why we often post these series on Friday’s because we understand that the Mon-Fri schedule can get pretty chaotic and you know what they say, timing is everything. Scroll on for some of our favourite resources, practices and items to recharge your mind, beauties.


  • When was the last time you put your phone down for longer than an hour?
  • Have you read 1 book this year? Reminder to pick one up this weekend
  • When was the last time you congratulated yourself on something?
  • Reminder: we are in a global pandemic and it’s been a whole damn year of living like this. It’s normal whatever it is you’re feeling



  • Mind Dump

Our CWC + Friends podcast guest, Dhru Purohit shared the mind dump process with us and it is a simple tactic to declutter everything that’s going on up there. Thoughts flood our mind within five minutes of putting our phone down and our head hitting the pillow. I’m sure you can relate to the anxieties of tomorrow’s to do’s and what you forgot to check off today, suddenly you remember it at 11:58 pm when you’re supposed to be sound asleep. Dhru recommends keeping a notepad and pen by your pillow so that when all of these thoughts pour in, you literally write it all out before you can actually fall asleep peacefully. We’ve tried it and it’s amazing how such a simple task can clear your head dramatically.

  • Meditation

Not sure about you but we struggle to sit still with zero distractions for longer than two mins. LOL. Damn two minutes of stillness feels almost as long as being in a plank. We did find this Melissa Woodhealth simple 10-minute meditation on YouTube and it honestly hit just right. Even just making time for this video once or twice a week makes a world of a difference, we like doing this Sunday late afternoon/evening to set our week up for success and then after a stressful day mid-week. Cowes, it’s so important to decompress so please make time to do so.

These few practices have helped us feel sharper and more at peace. Let us know if you try any of our faves listed above by tagging us here. How do you recharge your brain cells?


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