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CWC + Friends: Karen Cleveland + Michelle Bilodeau | The New Wedding Book

This week on CWC + Friends, we sat down with co-authors, Karen Cleveland and Michelle Bilodeau who put their brilliant brains together to create The New Wedding Book, available for pre-order now.

Together, we discussed the constructs surrounding weddings, why it’s ok to go against your mom’s dream wedding and why it’s totally acceptable to break tradition. Wake up! It’s 2021, people. Click here for one of our most refreshing conversations yet.

The purpose of a wedding has been totally diluted by the glitz, glam and putting other’s preferences before the couple’s own. In what world? When the ladies and I broke it down it actually had me re-evaluating how I’ll “go all out” for my second wedding with Jimmy. The money spent on what’s cracked up to be the best day of your life quickly becomes astronomical. Trust me. I’ve been there and I have done that AND it was nothing like the movies LOL. Not to be a downer! If doing the wedding like the fairytales is your thing, we totally respect that too! At the end of the day, we just want you to have it your way with as little pressure as possible. The stress and anxiety build-up before the big day is almost as unbelievable as the final budget.

We chatted through the in’s and out’s of the pink tax and how unjust it is, especially for us ladies when it comes to planning and shopping for your wedding! If you’re not familiar with the pink tax, it’s exactly how it sounds. Women pay more for just about everything, from razors and body care to something branded towards women, more often than not it has one shade of pink. What are gender constructs? Exactly that. On top of that, the second you attach the word “wedding” to a service or fee, the vendor has no problem increasing the price to be double, triple, or even more than what you would pay for any other event. That doesn’t sound right, does it? It’s not but it’s still our reality in 2021, oh and in a pandemic!

Karen and Michelle wrote this book with the hope of getting people a little bit ruffled and also inspire couples to take the reins back and reclaim their weddings. 

This episode is relevant for all, whether you’ve been married or someone in your life is getting married one of these days or even if you have absolutely no interest in getting married! There is a takeaway for everyone on today’s episode, Cowes. Click here to listen now.

You can keep up with Karen here and Michelle here– we can’t wait to see what’s next for this power duo!




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