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CWC + Friends: Raia “Coach” Carey

Today’s episode is filled with some major keys, Cowes!

For instant reflection, self-trust inspo and positive energy listen to A Conversation With Coach Carey on Keeping Your Mindset Positive, The Power of Meditation and Working Through Imposter Syndrome.

Raia “Coach” Carey is a 3x certified Life Coach and a motivational speaker who is passionate about helping people tap into their hidden confidence. Raia’s presence throughout today’s episode gave us more energy than our first cup of coffee! I can guarantee you’ll feel the same this #HumpDay.

Coach Carey highlights the importance of taking self-inventory, staying in your own lane and how to have confidence in who you are and what you do.

We discuss this idea of the 2020/21 coaching phenomenon and what sets a certified coach apart from a self-proclaimed coach. Coach Carey shares her journey of becoming more confident and owning who she is as an individual after going through periods of her life where she was bullied, uncertain and desperately trying to find herself. Listen here for how she found herself and discovered the tools that have gotten her through the day.

Scroll on for two Coach Carey approved practices and how she suggests implementing them into your daily routine.


Coach Carey stresses the importance of understanding who you are because after a certain age, it’s no one else’s responsibility to manage you or hold you accountable to your self-growth or self-development. That’s all on us. Damn! I’m feeling seen. But she’s right, if we’re not tracking or checking in on ourselves regularly (self-inventory) then we’re leaving it all up to chance which is just not sustainable. Coach Carey suggests working through this process by asking yourself four questions a couple of times a week and writing your responses down. Cleo, P and I literally did this last night when listening ahead of publishing and it was quite telling.

Four Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. What worked well for me today?
  2. What did not work well?
  3. What drained me?
  4. What fuelled me?

Coach recommends finding patterns and keeping track of your progress and feelings you don’t want to feel. For example, that friendship that continues to feel soul-sucking, maybe it’s time to distance yourself from that person or have a conversation to communicate the things not sitting right with you, in a constructive way of course!

I’m just so excited about all the good stuff you can take away from today’s episode. Listen now for essentially a complimentary coaching session. Raia had us feeling all types of ways throughout today’s conversation.

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