#CheckYourself: Life + How to Get More Out Of It

Today’s #CheckYourself is all about life and getting more out of it. Yes, even in the thick of a (year-long) pandemic.

We’ve been doing lots of reflecting on the little things that honestly just enhance our day to day life and practices that affect the overall quality of our lives. We’ve shared some reflection questions and practices that have worked for us. Change begins with habit stacking, we’ll tell you that much! Check out Coco’s post on habit stacking here, where she essentially breaks down these mini habits and the basic notion that it is far easier to change behaviour if it is tacked onto something we do already routinely like brushing your teeth and going to sleep. These habits are also more likely to stick and actually begin to change your behaviour overall if they’re small. The little things add up, as we all know!

Scroll on for some questions to ask yourself and reflect on and what to turn to when making it a mission to get more out of #life.


  • When was the last time you willingly woke up one hour earlier than scheduled? 
  • When was the last time you went to bed an hour earlier than usual? *try it next week*
  • Is there someone in your life who you’ve been on the fence about distancing yourself from? *your sign to just do it*
  • Are you in a situationship where you know better but you continue doing worse? *get out*
  • Are you resentful towards someone or something at this moment? Ask yourself why and find a way to get past it. (Yes, it may involve having an uncomfortable conversation)
  • Do you need a break? (Sometimes we all just need a second and by a second we mean an uninterrupted day off, k?)
  • Reminder: would you quit saying yes to things you don’t want to do?


  • Make A Playlist

Nothing moves us more than music, that felt lame to type out but it is so true! When we make time to make our own playlists there is peace in not having to skip a song because you know what you included on your custom playlist is a mix of what you actually want to hear.

  • Treat Yourself (Responsibly) 

Ha! This is not just a delicious treat but something that you’ve been holding off on investing in for yourself. Like a Dyson vacuum? Wow, we really have hit a new low LOL. We say responsibly because if you don’t have the means, it’s best to hold off on the larger purchases and treat yourself to something more temporary, yet still fulfilling. For us, sometimes it really is ordering Craig’s Cookies on UberEats after a week of more restricted eating. Nothing hits the spot more than a gooey homemade cookie. Agreed or agreed?

  • Acknowledge Your Instant Reaction + Response

We are sometimes almost too quick to respond to someone or something in a way that does not serve us in the long run. Now we’re all mentally reflecting on our last poor reaction to someone/something. This is why we think journalling has become such an important part of our routine. Keeping track of emotions and reactions after each day will make you 100% more self-aware and in-tune with yourself, resulting in more self-trust and acceptance. It’s a domino effect of all the good stuff for overall peace of mind.

  • Take A Bath (even if you’re not a bath person)

Read it again. Now get yourself some Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt and draw yourself a bath, challenge yourself to leave your screens in another room. This will force you to be alone with your thoughts and probably work through some ish- you vs. you.

  • Call Someone Who Has Been On Your Mind But You’ve Been Too Busy

You and I both just thought of that person. Call them within 24 hours of reading this or you’ll quickly find yourself “too busy” again.

  • Play We’re Not Really Strangers With Someone You Care About 

We will not stop talking about this purpose-driven card game. It is a no BS series of conversation starters across three levels; perception, connection and reflection. We did a full pod episode on CWC + Friends, of sipping bevvies and pulling from these decks. Quite entertaining if we do say so ourselves, click here to listen for yourself! Play it on a first date, play it with your S/O, play it with a group of friends- everyone will be hooked after getting through the first few cards.

Cowes, let us know down below or by tagging us here how you get more out of your #life.


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