#AprilChallenge: Are You With Us?

Happy long weekend, Cowes!

This year, Spring cleaning isn’t just an at-home thing for us, this month we’re doing a wellness reset, after the long weekend, of course! Who’s with us? Especially now that we’re going back into lockdown, the health kick must begin (again). There’s something about the sun shining that helps increase our motivation pre bikini SZN. Not sure where we’ll be wearing a bikini anytime soon but the thought is definitely there.

When we feel good, we look good- no lie. To prepare ourselves for a successful reset, we’re kicking off with 14 days of clean eating, consistent exercise, and self-reflection. Today, we’re sharing a few things to set yourself up for success if you’re starting with us on Monday.

Stock Your Fridge

  • It’s so much easier to order in when your fridge is empty, if there’s lots of fresh food in there, naturally, you don’t want to be wasteful and it subconsciously encourages healthier decisions physically seeing all the nutritious options in there
  • Choose unprocessed options and the less packaging used for what you’re eating, the better
  • Meal prep throughout the week if you find yourself consistently struggling to cook during the day (this has been crucial to the success of our weightloss journey)
  • Make a list, see an awesome sample grocery list below (you don’t need to get everything), it’s just good to see the range of hearty options. We also love this account on IG for healthy swaps and combinations, she really does make nutrition easy to understand

Schedule Your Workouts in Your Calendar

  • This is the only way we actually do it, we also like putting it in our visible calendar so that if someone on our team is trying to get a hold of us, they can see that we’re offline for the hour
  • Time your workouts accordingly, we’re early morning people to a) get it out of the way and b) avoid as many distractions as possible
  • Remind yourself that when you’re working out, this is time for you to focus on your health and wellbeing. Put your phone on DND and really maximize the sweat sesh

Make The Right Tools Available To You

There are a few items that have made our at-home workouts more manageable, see below for how we maximize at-home sweat sesh’s

  • Get yourself a good yoga mat, we like this one + it’s affordable
  • If you’re not into cardio, buy this jump rope and make it a habit to skip every (other) day
  • Feeling like you’ve hit an exercise plateau, add on these 1lb weights to your wrists or ankles during a class and FEEL the burn
  • Hydrate! This water bottle has us surpassing our water intake goals

Your Body is Only As Strong As Your Mind

Cowes, we’ve spoken about journaling almost every other week, it is so important to feel like you can express your thoughts and free your mind somewhere private. Writing things out has really become a way of finding peace mentally, you should seriously try it!

During this reset, we’re all in this together and it’s vital to understand that to be comfortable and proud of yourself is a forever journey but we promise, it’s worth working on and getting one step closer to the best version of yourself. Acknowledging overall feelings daily, strengths and areas of improvement in yourself and writing it down is an important process in making this reset as impactful as possible. This also means being kind to yourself, we have to remind ourselves that we’ve been living through a global pandemic for over a year at this point! Like, that’s not healthy as is. If we can channel more positive energy and have confidence in the skin we’re in, we’re already leaps and bounds ahead of where we were pre-COVID. Even though it may not seem like that sometimes. Also, we must also remind you to quit comparing yourself to others, you’re you and that’s exactly what makes you special and trust us, things are not always as they appear.

The Rules for 14 Days

  • Eat a diet that consists of mainly “whole” foods
    • Avoid packaged and processed foods
    • No refined sugars
    • No alcohol
  • Drink 2 L of water daily
  • Get outside at least once a day (walk, run, roam)
  • Depending on your current exercise regime, level it up but be realistic. Consistency is key! We just don’t want you to hurt yourself. So if you’re hitting the gym twice a week right now, do it 4 or 5x/week during this reset
  • Journal daily (we love the 5-minute journal)
  • Read 10 pages of one book a day, we’re reading Atomic Habits, it’s v aligned with our mindset right now

Feeling a little inspired to get back on track with us? Cowes, we got you! We’ll be doing Friday check in’s #OnTheBlog and via Instagram stories, so keep up with our team’s progress here. 

Tag us here along your journey as you reset with us this month.


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