#AprilChallenge: Useful Resources to Stay On Track

We wanted to share what has been helping us stay on track (as much as possible) for this #AprilChallenge. We’re all about keeping it 100 and we have to say when ANOTHER stay at home order was announced, we definitely dabbled in some takeout and a cocktail. But that’s just part of the process when striving to maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you’ve listened to any of our podcast episodes, I swear we always talk about the impossible when it comes to achieving balance. BUT if we can work together to incorporate more decisions that are good for us in our day to day- we’ll take it!

A few things we love and some reminders are:

Honestly, this app has been a recurring resource for years! It’s amazing in tracking all things, from route to km’s ran, pace and there are even some guided run options for every level. It’s kind of addicting when you start tracking your run progress, an addiction we can all afford to get on board with.

It can be annoying at first to track your food (+ drink) intake but it’s important. You also don’t realize how much you eat or want to eat in a day until you’re actually writing it all out. The good thing about the updated Fitness Pal app is that it makes your life easier by having just about every item and food brand on there to input. You can also scan package barcodes for a quicker entry. Challenge yourself to track your Monday-Friday eating and then evaluate what patterns are happening. It’s very tedious in the beginning but so useful.

  • Hydration Nation

You should increase your water intake asap. It makes SUCH a difference in listening to your body, are you craving that salty snack because you’re hungry or are you just dehydrated? More often than not, it’s the latter. We also love drinking tea throughout the day to kick cravings and tbh, it also gives us something to do as we WFH. We love this gallon water bottle at home because it’s a useful reminder of just how much water you can consume.

  • Identify Your Accountability Partner

It’s always better together, this goes for losing and winning! Do you agree? If you’re holding yourself accountable to someone other than yourself and vice-versa it just gives you that extra push to feel more motivated to make better decisions when it comes to eating better, exercising more and taking the time to reflect on who you are and how you feel. Obvs we all have our days but having someone there to give you that extra inspo you need to follow through with that early morning workout is always helpful.

  • Focus On Your Journey, Not What You See on IG

Speaking from experience, we all have our shit. So, don’t go thinking someone else has it so much better than you or they’re making progress at a much faster pace than you. You don’t know! We’ve quickly learned how little we know about people of the internet and the ounce of life they choose to share. Let’s be real, IG consists of highlights, not comparable to everyday life and low low’s. A gentle reminder that you’re doing the best you can and life right now is not easy. We are all experiencing something we have NEVER before, any of us! So, remember that when you go beating yourself up over something insignificant or comparing yourself to Kylie Jenner. Just stop.

We’re all in this together, Cowes! Share what helps you stay on track in the comment section below and tag us when you’re feeling unmotivated, so we can remind each other why we started.


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